Production and sales range

Threaded inserts for metal, plastics and wood (Ensat, S-Lok, B-Lok, Mubux).
Threaded inserts for thin-walled moldings (Anchor/Clifa).
Punched rivet for sheet metal (Tuk-Rivet).
Screw locking and screw sealing processes under contract
   (TufLok, Nytemp, 3M, Precote, Nyseal, Nystay, Nyplas).
Thread covering as protection against cataphoretically applied lacquer coatings,
   also weld spatters (Nycote).


Amberg, Wernher-von-Braun-Str. 7
Hadamar, Industrial area
Osaka / Japan
Somerset - NJ / USA
Erembodegem / Belgium
Paris / France
Navalcarnero / Spain
Zug / Schwitzerland
Kolhapur / India
Rugeley / England
Mulazzano / Italy

Raw material for Inserts

Steel, 11SMnPb30+C, 35S20+C
Stainless steel material, X6CrMoS17
Stainless steel material, X8CrNiS18-9
Light alloy, Al Cu4PbMgMn or Al Cu6BiPb
Brass, Ms 58, CuZn39Pb3 or Ms 60, CuZn38Pb2
Cold heading steel, Steel / Stainless steel